Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The thing about new

After my last build, I realised I must have a bigger parcel for my shop. Amelia's Townhouse, was a little too crammed to fit on the demo area.

Also, people sometimes didn't realise that I also had a shop on a sky platform on the same parcel and vice versa and would im me for landmarks.
I've been mulling this decision for a few months now because a bigger parcel will mean more tiers to pay and that will also mean more complications when I really want things to just be simple and easy.
But the small parcel in Qinsa was running out of prims and a few days ago, I was lucky to see a really cheap water parcel near where I have my mermaid's 'home'. The Remonta parcel was cheap compared to the mermaid's parcel. I had to pay through my nose to get my mermaid parcel because it was at the very edge of a mainland sim, had 2 free water sides and a sunset view to boot.

The Remonta shop isn't anything fancy. It's purpose is mainly for demoing the houses that I have. Inside are the houses in box. Customers can choose to buy straight from the casper vendor where there is also a redelivery terminal behind it or to buy from the shop, in which case, if they didn't get the house, they will have to im me and show me proof of purchase.
And since I got a gazzillion prims leftover(not really), I brought my little island and the mermaid's landscape to the parcel.
From the store, you can take the tp down to the island and from the island, you can dive into the sea. I didn't add a teleporter down to the sea.
It's still a work in progress but please feel free to come check out the place, take pictures or just hang out. I'll probably be up on my building platform. Don't be fazed. Don't have to say hi. I'm probably building and unaware:)

Tp to the Island.

Next I have to figure out is, what to do with my mermaid's parcel.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Love Donna Flora Charity Event

Truth is, I have a difficult time expressing my feelings about illness and death because for a long time, I have had to suppress the overwhelming sense of helplessness, anger and sadness. My father had been a renal failure patient all of my grown-up life and I wasn't even sure he would see all his 3 grandchildren. And when he died, I stopped having anymore eventhough my wish was to have 5 broods. And there was also my own sense of failure, that I did not live up to his expectations.

I steer away from sadness as much as I can because I hate all these feelings coming to me.

I used to have a friend in SL who doesn't even want to know anything about anybody's sickness because to him, SL was a place for him to be happy. I guess once you have been in SL as long as I have, you cannot help knowing people who are ill, people who are flawed in one ways or the other because I myself come here to heal some parts of me that cannot be healed.

It is a heavier burden to bear than to see and if we can make a person feel they are loved and appreciated by such events, than half of the job is already done. Syabas!

dress: [CIA Designs] Floral Summer dress from Love Donna Flora event

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A gift for You

I had the most confusing time while trying to list this freebie cabin on the marketplace because it kept on getting unlisted and then I realised that there was a banned word in it. After a few trials and errors, I realised that I cannot add the word FREE on the item. I guess people have misused and misled that word till it is now banned. So I had to delete the whole thing and renamed it again.
My beachcomber's cabin series have been quite a success story. I think it came out at the right time because of summer. I think I also didn't sell it for your arms and legs. I'm very grateful and I wanted to give back this little modified version which I am using so that my little beach wouldn't look so forlornly barren.
It's free and it's for anyone who happens to see my blog:)
Word of caution. It is 100% made in SL. No mesh.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This doll is not dead yet

While deciding what to build next, I went to the Summer Break Festival and found a store I never heard of before. Today all the dresses come from Dead Dollz.

Polka dots again. Baby Jane by Dead Dollz. Dead Dollz is a store I never expected to find anything I'd like to buy and yes I am guilty of judging a store by it's name. I thought it would be goth. I guess a stylist would be able to turn this sweet countrified dress into goth style, but not me. It just look sweet to me as it is without any embellishment. It has a hud with 2 colours. And I was bowled over by the way the texture look. That little bit of shimmer.

After I saw this dress, I went to the mainstore and was suitably impressed and bought more.

Next is Lullaby, another sweet dress. It has a hud with 3 colours. My avatar doesn't really have long legs, but the high heels and the ultra short hem makes it look like she does.Word of caution. You have to wear undies because the alpha layer doesn't cover the lower bits:p

I love figure hugging gowns. Lunggo Addio has a hud like the rest of the other dresses and this one comes in 3 colours.

This is Lunggo Addio in blush.
And the special offer at the Festival is the bikini set. It comes with a hud with 5 colours.

The bikini top is versatile enough to wear with jeans, skirts or shorts.

Hair Fair 2013 Brickness sim

The last Hair Fair sim I went to, I saw all these hair from Miamai and I went wow.... I've never bought any hair from this store before because they were all too fancy for me and I know Moon won't have any opportunity to wear them but these hair pieces were too pretty to pass, I had to collect them... at least for future photographs. And there is the good cause. So I quickly set my spending guilt aside.

Miamai Degarda... reminds me of the olden days when women wear hats with big flowers.

Miamai Latin Lover Gaucho Hat..... says it all.

Miamai Loroi... Island lady.

Miamai Sakura..... Oriental lady.

All the jewelries are from Donna Flora. Gown is from Paris Metro. Shirt is from TuttiFrutti.

Monday, July 22, 2013

sweet polka dots

Polkadots are irresistable. Somehow, when it was time to choose from so many other floral textures, I ended up with this polka dot dress from -tb-

hair: ISON - Heidi (hair fair 2013)
dress: -tb- Frilly Dress  - Polka Dot (July Collab)
jewelry: (Yummy) Midsummer Blossom Earrings - Egg Shell (July Collab)
hat: old stuff from Coco
shoes: Maitreya Gold Shiki (I rarely take them off!)

And, I also completed a small courtyard pool house. I miss building small 1 bedroom houses.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some free Men's Hair

I thought my man alt should get some of the free hair that was being generously given at the hair fair 2013.

First 4/8 free hair given by Alli&Ali.

Last 4/8 of the free hair given by Alli&Ali.

left: emo-tion
middle: Dura 2nd anniversary gift
right: colors

skin: NIVARO- James Skin MD beard edition for Mens Department(because it reminded me of old time movie star errol flynn in swashbuckling movies)
shirt: FATEwear Shirt - Bailey Void

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hair Fair 2013 Port Sim

I;m not sure if I already have a similar short hair style as this hair from Chichikie called Pepper. But even if I do, I probably have it in blonde. It's only now that I'm starting to collect dark coloured hair.
The sundress is from Finesmith and cost 89L for group members.

My modern house is almost finished except for the roof. So while I procrastinate on completing the roof, I decorated the poolside and  brought out Carter and pretend they're having barbeque.

The Poolside Guestroom.

Pretending to unpack:)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hair Fair 2013 Cloud Sim

I finally got into Hair Fair. I have to say, when the legos were small, they didn't look so imposing and glaringly bright. But it was an event to help children, so I guess legos make sense.

I thought I would do 1 sim at a time. There was a lot of great looking hair on the Cloud sim and if I had not made all sorts of excuses(like this hair looks similar to the one I have or this hair is too stiff even if it's pretty and this hair looks good only for photography blah blah blah), I would have spend more. I am trying very hard not to be spendthrift because I had already spend a lot on furnitures and then there were textures I had to get for the new house I am building.

Moon is wearing Lelutka Lorella. It comes with a wreath but I am using the Alice bow instead.

This hair looks so cute and fun, I had to have it. It's from a store I have never heard of before Xplosion Jules.

Right now I'm working on a modern contemporary house with swimming pool and even a garage! I know, pretty ambitious but I had to see if I could do it. That's the pool in both pictures. I haven't aligned the textures yet. Aligning textures are so tedious.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is it time to grow up yet?

Today is my birthday.
First thing I notice is, nothing has changed much over the year. I still try to please people, adapt myself to whatever that pleases them and then feel miserable for doing so. In my real life, I have minimized doing this so why am I bringing my bad habit into SL? It's important for people who are special to me to like me, but should they also not like me for whatever I am and how I project my avatar? It's alright to compromise a little, but to do it till I loose all zest for slife, is it worth it? Do I have to be boringly normal in SL too? Like right now I just want to dress my avatar like an elven with pale skin and otherworldly look. In rl I can't project my artsy self but in SL, anything goes and when I think about it, being an elf is not so way out there. It's just the pointy ears.
If I can love them for what they are, warts and all, why can they not do that for me?

Today I want to be a mer-elf. Is there such a thing? It's SL and I can have my avatar looking anyway I want to. It is my fantasy.
skin: Essences Noodles Pastel subscriber gift
hair:.Liquence F2 in Natural fades
Illusions High Elf Ears
Zaara Nizam Head jewel/ Pearl Choker
*EC* Lumina Mermaid - Aerie Edition
Boudoir Water Nymph shell bra
pose by wetcat seadepth

Monday, July 15, 2013

Furnishing a home

Choosing furnitures is tough.
Especially when I already have the ones I love, but I'm beginning to get bored with the same chairs, same sofas, same beds in every houses I make so yesterday I decided to splurge a lot of lindens on furnitures sets from The Loft. I like sets. That way I don't have to think about the combinations. Also, individual pieces usually get forgotten in the inventory and I can't remember what I've bought.

I thought of getting a formal-looking set for the living area but sometimes formal is boring even if it fits in with this dormer house.
An ante-room for cold days:)

That can lead to the outside. I love huge windows that lets in lots of light. Not good for cold weathers I know but this is SL so I don't want to think about that kind of logic.

The entrance foyer.

By the time I got to the bedroom, I got tired of decorating.....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

This is not your everyday noodles

Moon is wearing Noodles Pastel a subscriber gift from Essence. The skin is such a popular brand right now and who can blame people for falling in love with the cute and adorable skins. They remind me of Curio Moonbeam Breeze which was Moon's skin back in 2009.
Back then I was role-playing a young girl so the skin was appropriate but now that I no longer role-play, I don't want to maneuver a young-looking avatar anymore.
But I still want to play dress-up and I'm still in my elven mood.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I see bikinis everywhere I go

These are some of the mesh bikinis I collected which doesn't cost a thing. They're from the Endless Summer Hunt, Starfish Hunt and the last piece was from the Summer Festival.
The only problem is Moon doesn't get to wear them often unless I want to take a pic of her swimming in the sea or posing like this. Which is why when I think about buying swimsuits for her, I will always end up not buying. I'm really grateful to have these for free.

Friday, July 12, 2013

July birthday GG

This is a brithday gift from AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion. Only in SL does the birthday person give presents. Hope you have a good birthday AnaLee Balut. I love the cheerfulness of the colours and the swirls of the skirt. This gown has a mesh corset and it's great to see the combination of flexi and mesh.

Dancing at Chip's One Night Stand while listening to MikeNelson.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pretty GG Gowns

This week's TWA group gift, the Oracle Gown.

Gizza's June group gift.

.....and I completed my house:)