Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kitties and Birthdays

I am totally enamored with my KittyCats. I can spent so much time just staring at their antics as they run playing. Almost like being lulled when you stare at the fishes in the fish tank!

I am almost embarassed to say I now have 12 pairs, but not quite.  Recently I bought a pair of the Limited Edition Forget Me Not KittyCats and I also did the KittyCats Birthday Hunt and got the pair.

My Valentine Kitties Gertrut and Sausage Dog from the Forget Me Not Limited Edition Love 2015 Collection.

My Birthday 2015 Kitties Michele and Asima

It's said that if I mate 2 Forget Me Not cats, I would get a special kitten I will not want to miss. Same with the Birthday Cats and I can't wait for them to have their babies!

You can get the Birthday boy for free at the KittyCats Mainstore, but you will need to complete a hunt for 12 birthday cakes to get the Birthday cat and then return to the store for her.