Sunday, August 8, 2021

Carter Beach Cabin


Carter Beach Cabin is a compact home that would fit a 512(32x16) parcel. You can set it on land or water and still have space to put your boat on the side.

The living, dining and kitchen area and double doors that lead onto the deck.

Another view of the kitchen and dining space with the dark paneling and tiled flooring for the kitchen area.
The 'bedroom' area also has a double door that leads onto the deck.

I have tried to make this home as minimalistic as possible without losing the aesthetics so that there would be more prims leftover for the 512 parcel owner.

The cabin is copy, mod and no transfer. It is partial mesh. It is UNFURNISHED. Furnitures are from Bazar and Elm. The boat is from Trudeau.

I have made a rezzer and non-rezzer version. 

Carter Beach Cabin is available for 120L on the Marketplace.