Saturday, June 3, 2017

Belum Tree House Jungle Retreat

I am in my tree house phase at the moment and here is another jungle theme tree house.

This time I made a couple of the tree branches share the same space as the house.

That was quite a challenge to built. Above is a tree branch in the living area.

Above is the deck area.

Behind the house is a river and a couple of waterfalls.

The back view of the hut.

Another branch in the bedroom.

Back view of the hut.
Plants growing under the house.

Ducks cooling at the Waterfall.

The Belum Tree House Jungle Retreat is 199 land impact and 40x40.

It comprise of a huge flowering tree with a couple of tree trunks sharing space with the high stilts village hut. The house has 2 rooms, an entrance verandah and a deck. A river runs behind the house with 2 waterfalls.

I've also added 3 toucans and a parakeet and a small duck family.

I have also included a border screen on both sides of the plot.

Belum Tree House Jungle Retreat Hut 70LI
Belum Tree house Flowering Tree 31LI

Landscaping & animals:98LI
Belum Tree House Waterfall&Plants 50li
Belum Tree House Retreat base 2li
Bird's Nest Ferns& Ferns&Hibicus grouping 7LI
Belum Tree House wooden fence 9li
Belum Tree House border screen 1li
Group of 5 Potted Plants 5li
Group of ducks 5li
3 Toucans 6li
1 Parakeet 2LI
Taro plants waterfall mesh 3li
grass & dirt 6li

Belum Tree House Jungle Retreat: 199LI.

The Belum Tree House Jungle Retreat is copy, mod, partial mesh and no transfer but some scripts are no mod. It comes in a rezz box.

The Belum Tree House Jungle Retreat is now available for 399L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. A demo of the build is available at my in-world store.