Monday, November 1, 2021

Muriel Cottage

 Muriel Cottage is a small double-storey home. It has 2 rooms and an open area upstairs. It would fit a 512 parcel but would look better on a 1024 parcel.

The living, dining and kitchen area are all separated and cozy enough to put your furniture. There is another door to the outside from the kitchen.

This is the view from the dining-room.

he view from the bedroom with the large windows.

The bathroom, or second bedroom.

Muriel Cottage is 64 land impact and has a 18x14 base area. I have included the optional chimney and fireplace and corner conifer which are 10 land impact if you choose to use them. Perhaps you have a better looking fireplace:)

This house is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. It is UNFURNISHED. The furnitures are from Bazar.

Muriel Cottage is available for 200L on the Marketplace. More pictures in the marketplace.

Demo is available at Simple Things.