Thursday, November 20, 2014

Classica Blue Regency Country House

My newest house, now available at the Simple Things Mainstore and Marketplace:

The Classica Blue Regency Family House is a medium size house with spacious rooms for the family.
Perfect for a holiday at the beach(of course!) or a permanent home for a growing family.
There are 4 large bedrooms(1 downstairs which can also be turned into a library or family room or guest room especially for grandparents) and 3 bathrooms.
This house is all linked but it comes with a rezzer for easy positioning. The house is also copy and modifiable, but please remember that if you unlink all parts of the house, land impact will increase.
base: 24x28
land impact: 126
This house is unfurnished, but it comes with the rose bush and fireplace.
The bedroom.
The living area.
The kitchen.
The dining.

To see the demo house, please take this LM.

I use Bazar Floria to decorate for the furnitures in this house.