Thursday, May 31, 2012

Old classic

I cleared my land to rez my Chateau La Lutiniere home again. But only because I wanted to see how these furnitures from Depoz look in the house. They have been having this 295L for complete set every weekend and I finally got all the sets I wanted. The promotions has since ended.
This is outside the house and there's Moon and Carter doing barbeque.

The dining-room.

The living-room. The piano is from LISP.

Love this romantic bed.

Look at that cosmetic tray! It was primmy.

I didn't rez all the furnitures and decorative objects that came with the sets.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I feel good pants

I could not resist all these colourful pants from Purplemoon 60L Sunday. The pants didn't fit my avatar perfectly like regular pants. These are mesh pants and meshes are so-so for my shape. I'm using the largest size which is a tad big for me and the next smaller size only fit well if I drop my fat slider to 3. I am at the moment at 21 which I think isn't fat at all, but 3 is like being starved all the time!
Anyway, I fix the problem by hiding the holes with a belt.
I feel GROOVY! Now off to listen to some Earth, Wind and Fire....

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ace dog

My sl dad gave me a biobreed labrador for his birthday! Yes, his birthday and I get a present.
I have the feeling Ace is gonna go to dog heaven just like the kittykat went to cat heaven. I can't hug Ace. When I say come he goes somewhere else. He is adorable looking but is he gonna eat me out of my house?
Me and Ace. Where is Jack?
Ace is pretending to be shy with the horses. I already saw him sitting in the middle of them before I walked over to them. My slstepmom said each dog have their own personality. I still want to hug the dog..... and not have to feed them.
Call me irresponsible.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Colour challenge week22-cobalt blue

I've been going dancing and sim exploring a lot this week. Took so many pictures too. As usual, I try not to buy anything for colour challenge. This one is from Icing.

 This next one is from Paris Metro.
It's not easy taking shots while the avatar is moving.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loosing control

I was thinking about control. About how I lost it. I never had it in the beginning, but I think all women have that control streak in them once motherhood strikes them. My children said I was a control freak but not anymore. Of course! How can I do that once they're all grown up eventhough it pains me to set them free.
Now I'm so laid back about every thing. My mantra: things happen for a reason. Yeah it doesn't always make me feel good but that's all I have.

People are funny. Old men in SL are especially stupid. I've met a few who wants to find independant women who are sophisticated and mature and yet they go off to find loud, whorish girls who causes them drama and headaches..... not to mention drain their lindens. Yeah even in this pixelated world.

I may have a cheerful disposition but I really am sorry I can't be your friend with benefits.

Give me some candies from now on.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Since I'm broke till payday....

I only got this moonflounder, the celestial dreamfish from Weather or Not at the Home and Garden Expo. It was that name dreamfish that caught my attention. Maybe I'll dream of fishes again instead of turtles.
Maybe I'll go to the airfield after this and try fly my helicopter again. I am dressed for it.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Colour Challenge week21-lemon chiffon

I almost forgot to post this picture. I've had it done a week ago. I like this gown from The White Armory. It looks so soft and fluffy. It made me think of chiffon cake.
I was thinking of all those innocent Barbara Cartland romance novels I used to read during my teen years. The heroine would go out into the garden during a ball and the hero would be there and he'd steal a kiss. Yay for those sweet stories. You can't find stories like that anymore. Every story has sex in them nowaday. I guess that's the way to sell. I've since turned to crime novels. Sometimes there are sex in them too.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The budget

Every month I would put the same amount of money to enjoy my SL. I associate it to paying for club membership. Does people go to their rl clubs everyday? I dunno. What would they do once the usual routine is done? Gossip? No clue.
This is not about clubs. It's about me busting my regular budget. I've been spending and tipping like nobody's business and I think I gotta be more selective where I go and what I buy from now on or I'm not going to have enough to pay for my rent at the end of the month.
I should bless mesh dresses coz now that I can't wear them, I won't be tempted to buy them. Which means I will not give any lindens to my Miss Carter to spend. Will Not!
Let's see if I can stick to that intention.
Here is the Carter's mesh dresses from Collabor:

These are some of the free stuffs from the recent Fibromyalgia Awareness event:

These are from a lucky chair and group gift from La Dulce Vida:

Last, me enjoying live music:
That picture is done using windlight. I thought it looked different than my usual erm... character? can't think of the exact word.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Belleza Lily

Another skin named after my daughter! One day I will have to post her picture. One day. This time it's from Belleza.
I'm wearing the group gift skin in medium:

I didn't modify the shape of my face. It fits perfectly and I like being a blonde. Remember Barbie. I went to demo the skin in other colors and I might get the darker tone. Might coz I am so going broke!!!! Maybe next month.

That's me with my sl stepmom and dad. She's pregnant.  She looks great. She has an inventory more than mine!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Colour Challenge Week20-Deep Pink

I like pink. Amazingly, most of the pink outfits I have are light pinks.
I bought this swimsuit from TGIS on the marketplace. I thought I'd substitute my guns with a bottle of wine and glass. I was laughing the whole time I posed for this. If you can't make yourself happy, what's the point? Can't depend on other people to make me happy.

This is an old  hunt dress from Paris Metro.

Another old gown from Silent Sparrow.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shoe crazy

When I finally found which sim the Ashraya Project was taking place(there are 2 sims), I tped there. I saw these shoes and was immediately smittened. The only down side was that I couldn't buy the matching mesh dresses coz I knew they wouldn't fit me. It would have been so much easier to just match the shoes to the dresses than having to find dresses from my inventory. Yeah I'm lazy like that. Just hate to think of styling.

Eww okay those patched-up pictures looks awful but photo editing is so tiring and I just wanna have fun!

Tryst Blues and Folk Festival 2012

I should have posted this earlier but better late than never.

Thursday - May 10th
4p - Fiery Otaared
6p - Blue4u Nowicka
7p - Steely Decosta
8p - Ganjo Mokeev
9p  -Beth Odets

Friday  - May 11th
5p - Lisa Brune
6p - AlexMays
7p - Quantamis Navarathna
8p - ReggieSunset Rookswood
9p - Voodoo Shilton and Mulder Watts

Saturday  - May 12th
12p - David Cziser
1p - Mamaa Saiz
2p - Ziffy Zarf
4p- Tukso Okey
5p - Bluemonk Rau
6p- AM Quar
7p - Fiery Otaared

Venue: the Wild Beach sim.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Inner Self

This month Miss Carter will be 5. Means I've been addicted to sl that long too. It started as just a roleplay tool where I want to shoot and kill other cartoon characters.

Now I think of sl as a community where real people escape from the stresses of rl. Some stuffs happened to me in sl recently and I chose to leave the roleplay community because it was fake within a superficial world and I don't know who my friends are and who were stabbing me in the back. Yes, it's just like in real life but in a roleplay community, if you mess people up, you can just say it was all roleplay and you get away with that excuse.

I can't say that I am the same in sl as I am in rl. I want to be a better person in sl. That is my fantasy. Perhaps because I feel inadequate in rl, I want to be this better person. I want to be a better daughter, I want to be a better friend, I want to be a better wife. I want to be somebody who makes people happy.

I don't want to be a mother in sl because I know I am already a darn good one in rl.

People chooses sl to be whatever they want to be. It's their right, but it's a shame they would choose to be bad because somehow, it reflects on their inner self.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Turtles and fishes

I used to dream a lot about fishes. Imagine a house full of swimming fishes, and I'm in it. Like an aquarium I supposed. Now I'm dreaming of turtles. Lots of turtles in a big shallow pond. I guess I'm old. Turtles do have long lives. Not sure that's a good thing or not, having to stay alive a very long time.

Most days are really stressful. People tell me I'm lucky having my mother live with me and they think we're both alike and great buddies. We are as different as oil and water and I hate that my mom likes to compare me with everybody and you'd think that I'm no longer an impressionable kid, I don't hurt anymore. It hurts. Makes me feel like I'm 6 years old again. Don't get me wrong. I love my mother and I'd never purposely say or do something to hurt her feelings, but everyday she makes me sad. It's so difficult to live with people who are never satisfied. It's so difficult to try and make my daughters not be affected by her complaints.

Over the years, I've learn how to hide my feelings. I guess that's why I suddenly had that dream.

So I run away to a place where I can hide and stop thinking.

I finished decorating my balcony:
The fish pond I bought from Funky Junk at the Culture Shock event. So are the planter and wall block at the corners. I don't know why the fishes are shy. That frog is really loud.
I also modified the apartment to fit in a kitchen. Not that my avie will ever use it, but somehow it looks more complete. No space for a dining table, but there is a 1L breakfast table for two out on the balcony which I bought from Bazar.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ricielli Love Mommy Hunt

Miss Carter went to the R.icielli Love Mommy Hunt because she is the skinny one in the family. It was an easy hunt. The pink heart was big and plushy. Lots of mesh.
Here are some pictures of the clothings I had time to take:

Carter's using YS&YS Cara tan Ici and R.icielli night makeup/blue from the hunt.
Strapless Country Charm dress from SLC. At the time of writing, it was still 60L.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Colour Challenge Week18-Pueblo

Pueblo reminds me of heat and cactus and then it reminded me of Indians and then I remembered I have this old outfit which still looks great after all this time.
This is a dress from Ivalde. I missed my old Belleza Aiko skin so I'm back to wearing it.
Another dress from Ivalde but I think it's no longer available.
Listening to open-mic at Kickin' Club.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Colour my world

I'm a fan of cheerful colours. Bright psychedelic colours really pleases me. I think it has something to do with living in the tropics. Everybody here loves to wear prints. Even for formal occasions. Men can either wear their boring outfits or they can wear batik shirts.

Mimikri is having a sale right now and I went a little berserk.

I still have a few more, but posing and taking pictures can take the whole day and that's not fun to do.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

40 days to fix my bachelorette pad

Some wives mourn the death of their loved ones for 40 days.  Some people believe that you can get to know a person well in 40 days. I procrastinate and feel sorry for myself for 40 days. Just before I started writing this, I told my daughters again that I want them to never be a housewife or they'll die of boredom like their mom. I've said that so many times, I think I've succeeded in brain-washing them.

I finally decorated my skybox. I've always loved the Manhattan skybox from Rebourne. It's small and perfect for just me.
I like these sofa. They're big and plushy and loaded with lots of textures but their sit animations are all messed up I had to adjust the poses. Not good for asking people to sit. Not that I'll ever invite anyone up.

This is what I wanna do, but since I don't drink alcohol, I'll just pose for a picture.

The new Purplemoon mesh dress from the Bestyle Gypset event. I love the colourful pattern which is why I didn't mind squashing my boobs into that tight dress.

My small bedroom. Cozy I think and a little bit messy too. Eating chocolate in bed is not a good idea coz you might forget to brush your teeth afterwards and go straight to sleep which is just bad. But since I'm never gonna have teeth problems in SL.... I think my cat and dog are falling in love with each other.