Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekly Colour Challenge:Barley Corn

Barley corn makes me think of bubur chacha and I wonder if I experiment on it, it would taste just as good. Coconut milk makes everything taste good.
The Makeda dress Moon is wearing is from the Around the World Event from 22769.
Size S was a teeny weeny bit big and size Xs a teensy weensy tight. I have concluded that no standard shape will ever be  satisfactory when it comes to mesh clothings. You either have to tweak your shape or wear it as is. I decided to wear it in size Xs and not downsize Moon's boobs any further. Thankfully, the Ging hair from Analog dog  covers the slight flaw.
I'm happy with Moon's shape. She still looks tall and shapely but she no longer towers over other avatars.