Sunday, September 12, 2021

Pine Island Log Cabin

Pine Island Log Cabin is a small and cozy home for the small parcel owners. It can fit the 512 parcel(16x32) snugly but would be better for a 1024 parcel(32x32)

Pine Island Log Cabin is 43 land impact and has a base of 13x15. It has a separate living and kitchen/dining area, but spacious enough if you like the big kitchen as shown in the picture below. I intended to have the optional fireplace in the living area for coziness, but you are free to have other ideas. It also has a front porch/verandah.

Upstairs, is open and spacious. 

The windows and shutters are scripted to open and close.

The optional fireplace and chimney with accessories is 6 land impact and is inside the folder if you want to use them.

I have also added optional landscaping for a 32x32 area. You can of course, use the plants and trees individually or just not use them at all!

When unlinked the plants and landscaping is 35LI, but linked, they are 22LI. There is also an island base and just a prim water texture as part of the landscaping. I find them useful if I want to make skybox home for the log cabin. You can also use the island base if you have a water parcel and no land.

Pine Island Log Cabin is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. It is available for 300L on the Marketplace.

Demo is available at Simple Things.