Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another day shopping

Sometimes I get upset when I try a demo and my avatar can't fit.
This happens with dresses and hairs. I have to admit, I wanted to wear COCO's clothings so bad, I bought Maitreya's Lara mesh body. Moon is wearing COCO's Ruffled Bra Top and Linen Pants Striped Blue. I have no regrets. Bento is incredible.  Next to Moon is her bento Water Horse Jackie Maine.
Even her ears are bento from BentBox and when she walks, they 'flap' up and down. Hilarious and I love it! On the last day of Hair Fair 2017, I went out and bought Little Bones Naomi and Kendra. I had to tweak Moon's face shape so that it could fit her. Above is Moon wearing Kendra in size M 1.

Moon wearing Naomi hair in size L. The incredibly sexy top is [PUMPKIN] Ruffled Top in Salmon which I bought at Kustom9. Moon is also wearing ADDAMS Ginger Boyfriend Jeans. Around her neck is The Moon and the Stars Necklace from Maxi Gossamer.
The poses I am using are from Le Poppycock Strawberry Sky which I bought at The Chapter Four. Behind Moon is her pet Deliboz Lilith. Lilith is 240 days old. Once the horses and ponies reach 141 days old, they no longer breed and they automatically don't need food! And we don't have to give them a special potion either so that's a definitely plus for my purse. Yay!
This is the best part of the day when I can just watch the sunset and the pets. Jack my Bulldog looks so adorable sleeping on his tummy with his legs all splayed out.