Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's a Friday

It's not just any ordinary Friday, but a Friday where Belleza puts out their 50L skin for the FLF. I wasn't sure if it would be this Friday or the next because it's still August and not a new month. I always look forward to their offers and even if Moon no longer wear fair skin for long period, a 50L skin from Belleza to put on for photoshoots is totally worth it.

Moon and Carter are both wearing Belleza FLF Delaney skins and chanelling their inner country girl in Sn@tch Wednesday Doll Dress and Carter is wearing Sn@tch Mesh Tracy Sun Dress.

I have also completed my latest house. It's another modern home. Concrete. I'm calling it Serenity because of the plain neutral colours.

I still need to live in it for a few more days before I pack it off to my marketplace.