Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lazy Day

I finally roll out the swimsuits. It just doesn't make sense for a shop called Forever Summer to not have swimwears but I had been distracted by other fashions. There isn't much of a choice at the moment, only a few pieces of one-piece swimsuits but I'm working on that.
And here is a picture of Moon and Carter hanging out in Amelia's Courtyard Poolhouse which I turned into a skybox on the 1024 skyplatform we're renting:
on Moon:
hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Campbell hair - Winter
swimsuit: FOREVER SUMMER Pink Vintage Rose Strapless Swimsuit

on Carter:
hair: Exile Girls of Summer
swimsuit: FOREVER SUMMER Silken Pink Strapless Swimsuit

I am also trying to complete this house. It's a wood and stone house build for living near the water(what else is new there. I love the water) or waterfront or canal or river(you get the drift).

Still a lot of work to do and texturing alignment. And the roof!