Monday, January 21, 2013

I learned how to import a blog

I know, I know it's nothing special, but this is the first time I did it so it felt like an achievement. I'm not going to delve into the reasoning, suffice to say, I needed to move on, get in line with my new years resolution of taking one day at a time.
Anyway, if any of you need to export/import a blog, here is the link. There is also a youtube tutorial.

Leather and old jeans

On Moon's rez day I had her wore this Liv-Glam combinations, Adorlee sculpted leather jacket and top(Secret Wednesday offer) and mesh jeans from Monique(past Secret Wednesday offer). Moon could not fit in the mesh jacket even with the XXS size. It just looked too big on her but I love the baggy jeans. Those clogs are  really old items.
And if there's any jewellery that I like to see Moon wear all the time, it's the heart pendant from League. It's so simple and yet appropriate for all styles.