Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Courtyard Apartments

It's been a month since I last built a house and I've been missing it. Last week I had an idea about a courtyard home and started building. I'm not really into big houses so I turned this building into an apartment complex. Of course, with a few modifications, it's still possible to turn this building into a house for a large family.

I imagined the house faces the beach which is why I added sand across the road but the road and sand are only for the picture and not part of the built.

Here is the courtyard with the 4 apartments looking in. I imagine barbecues and small parties happening here..

The rose garden with the swimming-pool.

I didn't decorate the interior of the building.
Front office and foyer perhaps.

You can check the build at my demo vendor inworld. I have also put it up on Marketplace.