Friday, July 27, 2012

Time Flies

Doesn't it? Already it's the middle of the year. I admire people who doesn't wait, who just up and leave to do what they want. Who cares about cultures, traditions or even religions. Really, when you think about time, why should you wait and wait and wait for that someone to change and then realised you have grown old waiting when you could have been doing something else. I think the worst thing you could do to yourself is wait for someone because the most important person in your life is you.

My SL dad got married last weekend. A few days before, he got married in real life. I'm so happy for both of them.

This was my bridesmaid outfit. It had that fairy feel to it so when I got home from the wedding, I put on my wings and took this picture.

A lucky chair item from Snowpaw. Dancing girl in a sari skirt for Bollywood.

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wore this hair with that outfit but I sure didn't feel like me! I didn't leave my house btw.

I had to modify the bam! hair to fit the hat. This is more me.

Mesh outfit from the recent Greatest Love Hunt. I still have a lot of boxes to unpack. There just doesn't seemed to be enough time:(

Wearing a Shiki outfit from the July Gypset Market. I almost forgot about this event with so many events going on around the Grid and all the things I want to do that has nothing to do with them like exploring and having fun! I am so happy with this hair gift from Analog dog. With all the colours inside, I am having fun trying them. I've always been partial to blonde. That yellow colour always cheers me up, that's why. In this picture I'm wearing the colour wonder. A colour most asians would probably know when they try to dye their hair blonde using on the shelf product. LOL. Ah and don't forget to dye the eyebrows too!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Carter

I got tired of Carter looking like a tough girl.
Dress #1:Richielli Peplum Dress from The Dressing Room
Dress #2: Seraphim Hunt Sunset Summer Dress from Sugar
Dress #3: Seraphim Hunt Sunlight Petals Mesh Minidress Tuttifrutti
Hair: Analog Dog HairFair Gift(fatpack)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hair Fair 2012, gifts and scarves

 The scarves are 50L each.

I think this year there are more hair gifts than last year. I didn't have time to take pictures of all the gifts I received and some of the pictures didn't turn out well and I didn't have time to retake them. Some of the hairstyles on sale were almost the same as the ones I already have from other designers so I didn't get them, even if some of the proceeds go to charity.
I took back a lot of demos although when it wasn't so laggy on the event sims, I tried out the demos there.
These are the ones that I bought on the spot:

I'm thinking of Mermaids when I bought this hair. The seashells and starfish hairband sold me.

These 2 hairstyles from Emo-tions is ingenious...2 in 1 AND and animation to boot! I love it.

All these picture snapping and editing is tiring!
*updated, here are a couple more hairstyles and I'm done!

This hair doesn't go well with all AOs because it's not mesh. It's a great looking hair for taking pictures though but I'll need to mod it so that the strands won't stick into Moon's boobs. I love the colour, strawberry blonde on my avatar.

This hair is also another 2 in 1 style but without the animation. The ponytail can be attached and detached so I could dress my avatar up or down.

Taking that step

I was scouting Sand sim at the Hair Fair today when I heard(well you can't hear, you read actually) the girls infront of me talking in Malay and I butt in and next thing I know they tped me to their hangout. I have never purposely looked for other Malaysians in SL but listening to them chat kinda of made me miss my people.
Funny thing is, we act the same as other SL residents too!

After I showed them what I usually look like in SL,  we just had to dance while the guy watched our avatar physics go ballistic lol. I was getting ready to go to a Johnny Paramour show actually.

It was really packed and I crashed 40 minutes later:( You really should go listen to him sing at least once coz then you'll be wondering, why is he not singing in RL? He is THAT good.

Some more MMgifts stashed

I found some more unopened MM gifts from SZD in my inventory that I had missed earlier.

Outfit: Urban, Eternity, Handsome Girl, Infinity, Punky

I still have the men's outfits... hmmm

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Going for the freestuffs2

I have never heard of Hoodgirlz Designe before and I am really pleased when my friend Emmy Parkin took us to this store on her MM rounds. Most of these outfits comes with accessories and shoes and most of them are group gifts which is free to join.

Outfits: Black, Carussel, City, Day Dress, Domina, Every Day

Outfits: Glitter Dream+BootgasmMM, Go to the Race(9L), Irresistable, Key West, Kira, Lilly

Outfits: Lyon, Paris, Pink Kiss, Pur Pur, The First Star, Unforgettable Day

Which reminds me I should start taking pictures of my massive gowns folder.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Going for the freestuffs1

After the Greatest Love Hunt, I've been going the Midnight Mania and Lucky chairs route with Carter and who doesn't love free stuffs. It wasn't a question. I totally love this activity because I found some really wonderful shops which I never knew and revisited some old ones which I had forgotten.

These pictures I've accumulated over the past weeks are mainly for my benefit.
First off, the SZD daily MMboards:

Outfits: Black Moon, Crazy Girl(comes with sneakers), Distraction, Illusion, Irresistable

Outfits: Legend, Madness, The Woman, Sentinel, Take Me(comes with boots)

I think Carter looks awesome. It helps that she has an AO with attitude too. It just wouldn't do if she walks around with default gait. So a good AO is a very important investment.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week29-Persian Rose

Persian Rose was not an easy colour to find, but I happen to have one in my inventory.
This pretty gown with the sexy bustier was a gift from Paris Metro Couture. They are so generous with their products. Jewelries are from YS&YS, past TDR items and freebies. Moon's D!va hair is from last month's Collabor88.

I modded and edited the D!va pigtail hair(bought at this month's Collabor88) for the Reek hat. The jacket is an old one from Coco and those are old Armidi jeans Moon's wearing. That Smile teeshirt is from Verve.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Some more freebie fun

A few more free stuffs I got while doing the rounds:
Hair: A&A Misa Hair jet black(marketplace, was free when I bought it)
Outfit: SZD Distraction  MMboard (comes with glasses and bracelets too)
Boots: Muism Troy Boots(MHOH gotta go get it)
Outfit: Divalicious Daisy 60 mins camping chair(you don't have to be a member to camp)

I have to admit, it was fun tping around finding free stuffs, dressing up Carter the way I never would dress up Moon. But! It was also tiring. I also don't use Carter to interact with people except with a couple of friends.
I now have too many outfits and stuffs that I doubt I'll ever have time to take pictures of them, coz there are so many other things I want to do in SL.

Outfit: Jador(not free)
Jador's closing today and I bought this outfit yesterday. If I had a whole lot of lindens to spare, I probably would get their couture gowns just because but since I was being practical(where would I go wearing those fancy gowns except to take pictures once?), I only got this cocktail dress.

Some of the girls having fun wearing the same daily 25Ldeals raunchy outfit from HoWear and dancing to live singer Hazie Moonwall.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Some free stuffs and not so free

Dress: Summer Loving Hunt #46 Just Darling
Hair: Dura Group Gift
Boots: MHOH7 Muism Troy Boots

Carter's quite small compared to Moon but I think she still looks great in this long dress from Paris Metro Summer Loving Hunt #25

Dress: MMboard Morea Style
Boots: MMboard Bootgasm(the name gave me giggles)

Outfit: I found this Devicious gift at their satellite store when I was doing the hunt at Divalicious. It comes with the shoes. So that was a bonus!

Gown: LpD Marie Antoinette Sunset dress from the Tribute to Vivienne Westwood Event.

I love pink, so this pink plaid from Desir(Vivien Tribute pink tartan) was just asking me to buy it. Not sure if the event is still on. Anyway I decided to go to the mainstore and got this other dress:

Gown: Desir Ghana Khenti dress
I can just imagine walking along the beach during sunset in this!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Astronaut Blue-Week28 colour challenge

I used photosketcher to get this paintbrush effect. The gown is from Paris Metro Couture, Expressionist Flowers-Santorini Blue.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Auntie again-just for the record

Today my sister-in-law gave birth to her fourth child. This is her third daughter and what are the chances that this little girl would be born on the same day as her oldest sister? It's also a bittersweet event because she would never know her father.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Moon's Digits

I thought I'd join the What's your Digit?-take 2. The Mesh Revolution. simply because I always have problems with wearing mesh clothings that I've almost given up.

1. How has the introduction of mesh affected your SL, if at all? Are you open to wearing mesh often or do you still shy away from it? I was very open to it in the beginning but I hate that I had to conform my shape to the standard avatar size. It's bad enough that in the real world people dictates how a person's size should be, but now, it's also happening in the pixel world. I would still try mesh clothes, but if they don't fit my avatar, I will not buy them. On the other hand, most mesh hairstyles fits me perfectly despite my slightly big head:)

2. Have you changed your shape to fit into mesh? If so, did you go bigger or smaller? No, I have not changed my shape to fit into mesh.

3. Do you think the mesh deformer will resolve a lot of the issues people seem to have with mesh and will it encourage you to wear mesh more often, if you don’t already? I hope it will because I am excited to see my avatar being draped by mesh clothes.

Okay now to copy-paste this onto flickr:)

Sunday, July 1, 2012