Thursday, December 10, 2020

Shelly Winter Skybox


Shelly Winter is a double-storey A-framed house.

The house is 23x14.

I wanted to have a view of the falling snow, the snow-covered pine trees and a few grazing deers, but because the area is small, I only made it one view. Basically, I made this for picture-taking on the outside and for enjoying the view from inside the house. The outside area is 25x13.

View of the upper floor.

landscaping, snowmen and animals is 44LI
house is 28LI

I have made a rezzer for easy positioning.
Shelly Winter Skybox is copy, mod, no transfer, UNFURNISHED and partial mesh. Furniture in the pictures are just to show the spaciousness of the house.

Shelly Winter Skybox is available for 50L on the Marketplace.

Honey Skybox

Honey Skybox is a one-bedroom apartment with a pool-side verandah overlooking a the sea.

When I was building the Honey Skybox, I was thinking of the honeymoon couple who wants to have a great view of the ocean and also not go out of their hotel room!
Hence the pool with the skybox:) Of course, you don't have to be honeymooners to enjoy this skybox.

There is only 1 bedroom and all double doors in this built. It is unfurnished. I have only shown pictures of furniture filling the apartment so that you can get an idea of how spacious the apartment is.

The skybox is 33LI and 25x22 which will fit a 2048 or 32x32 plot. The plants and foliages are an additional 39LI. I have included rezzers for easy positioning.

Honey Skybox is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. You can now get it for 50L on the Marketplace.