Friday, August 8, 2014

The White Rose Cottage

I was inspired to build a cottage after all the houses on water.
The thing about cottages is that they're a tight squeeze inside so they might not be very popular unless I make it an open-plan concept. But. I won't. The house is modifiable, so if the cottage starts to feel crowded, the walls can be taken out.
The cottage is named after the white rose bushes.

Side view of the cottage. The rose bushes come with the house.

Back view of the cottage. Great for barbecues.

The entrance to the cottage.

The sitting-room.

Another view of the sitting-room.

The dining-room.

The kitchen.

The TV area.

The bedroom. There are 3 bedrooms but this is the largest room.

The bathroom.

The base area of the house is 19x22 and the land impact is 218. A demo is available for viewing at the Simple Things Mainstore. You can also purchase the cottage there or at the Marketplace.

All the furnitures are from Bazar, specifically the Floria sets.