Friday, June 2, 2017

My Kitty's Tree House

While in the process of building a tree house, I took a break to built this tree house for my precious virtual kittens to set home to.

And it's also a freebie. You can get it at my in-world stores in Farshore, Besma or Too Adorable.

Here's Luelle in Farshore.

Here's Chianna in Besma.

This is my KittyCats store in Too Adorable.

This is how the stretched out version of the Tree House looks like on my pets' parcel.

The Kitty's Tree House is built with old prim sculpt except for the platforms which are old prims. It is modifiable and you can stretch it to ginormous size and the tree house will still be 8 prims. As a big tree house, you can also share it with your kittens as I have done:)

I have also made it phantom because I didn't want my kittens or my other virtual pets to keep on banging against the tree. Basically, you set your kittens home on the platforms and when they wake up, they will jump down onto the ground.

Since it is modifiable, you can also untick the phantom while in edit mode. You can mod the tree any way you like:)

Have fun!