Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Going for the freestuffs1

After the Greatest Love Hunt, I've been going the Midnight Mania and Lucky chairs route with Carter and who doesn't love free stuffs. It wasn't a question. I totally love this activity because I found some really wonderful shops which I never knew and revisited some old ones which I had forgotten.

These pictures I've accumulated over the past weeks are mainly for my benefit.
First off, the SZD daily MMboards:

Outfits: Black Moon, Crazy Girl(comes with sneakers), Distraction, Illusion, Irresistable

Outfits: Legend, Madness, The Woman, Sentinel, Take Me(comes with boots)

I think Carter looks awesome. It helps that she has an AO with attitude too. It just wouldn't do if she walks around with default gait. So a good AO is a very important investment.