Monday, August 8, 2016

The Ivy Courtyard Villa

The Ivy Courtyard Villa is a single storey house with 2 rooms on one side of the house and an open floorplan for the living, dining and kitchen area on the other side of the house. Through the kitchen/dining you can enter the back courtyard.

High hedges keeps the courtyard private. A fountain is placed in the courtyard and a start to your container gardening hobby!

There is an extra space infront of the house where you can put your car or start another gardening hobby.

This house comes in a rezzer box so that you can position your house easier.

This house is only 52 land impact and sits on a 33x33 base. It is mod, copy and no transfer. Some scripts are no mod. It is partial mesh and unfurnished. I have added 2 Ivy pots which are 7LI. Once you have rezzed the house, you can take the pots into inventory or delete it if you wish.

This house is available for 225L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Demo of the house is available for viewing at the in-world store.