Saturday, December 10, 2016

Seamus Family Mountain Chalet

This Mountain Chalet was supposed to be a double-storey house but it ended up as a four-storey house, attic included.

I was inspired by the whimsical Swiss Chalets.
You can see the flowers trailing down the window boxes.
And flowers climbing up the wall.
And hanging flowers on the porch and balcony.
The ground floor has 3 entrances which leads to the living area, dining area and kitchen area, all open floorplan. There is even a double fireplace facing the living and dining. The dining leads out onto an open porch where you and your family can have barbecues and parties. 
Upstairs there are 2 rooms and open spaces with double-doors to the verandah. There is also a fireplace here. One of the rooms also has a connecting double-door to the verandah. 
On the 3rd floor, there is also a fireplace in the family area and 2 more rooms.
The spacious attic with the fireplace is perfect for a game room for your family.
The house itself is 219 land impact and is 31x31. I have made a rez box for this house.
I have also made another rez box which includes the landscaping and window boxes and light strings which makes this complete house 321 land impact and 35x35.
Ground Floor 76LI 
2nd Floor 60LI 
3rd & 4th FLoor & Roof 83LI 
Landscaping on 35x35 base: 82LI 
Pine Trees and ground flowers 25LI 
Topiaries & hanging flowers 36LI 
Window boxes with pink flowers 21LI 
Multi-coloured light strings 20LI 
Complete Seamus Family Mountain Chalet:321 Land Impact 

This house is copy, mod, no transfer, partial mesh and unfurnished. Some scripts are no mod.
This house is now available for 500L at the Marketplace. A demo of this house is available to see at my in-world store.