Sunday, February 28, 2016

Seamus Palms Cabin Retreat

Finally a cute little cabin in the middle of a lush tropical setting.

Seamus Palms Cabin Retreat.

Moon posing with some horses at the cabin.

Vendor ad.

The Seamus Palms Cabin Retreat is only 43 land impact and 13x16 base area. It is a 2-room cabin.
View of the water feature.

Another view of the tropical garden.

Yet another view.

The first room.

The second room.

I have made 2 rezzers for this house. One for just the house which is 43 land impact and another with the landscaping which is 81 land impact total.

house specs:
main house: 43LI
area: 13x16

landscape: 38LI
area: 32x32

copy, mod, no transfer
partial mesh
*some scripts are no mod

I've enjoyed doing this little cabin and setting up the landscaping and I hope you will too!

This house is now available for 199L at the in-world store and marketplace. The demo is available at my in-world store.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aegelmaere StoryBook Hunting Cabin

Aegelmaere my KittyCat wants another house named after him so here is a cute little castle turned into a hunting cabin.

The Aegelmaere StoryBook Hunting Cabin is only 109LI with a base area of 19x21.

I've made 2 rezzers, one for the building and another which includes the landscaping and foliages.

The front entrance.

The side entrance.

The back of the cabin.

Bricks and logs and pretty window treatments for that hunting lodge feel.

View from the top.

Rooftop. A great place to survey the land around.

View of the entrance.

View of the side entrance.

View of the upper floor and the winding staircase to the roof top.

Another view of the upper floor.

house specs:
Main house: 109LI
individual topiaries, window boxes & pot plants: 35LI
sculpt Rock flower bed with soil & Grass: 9LI
Roses & Daisies & Rock pathway: 18LI
Border shrubs & Trees 29LI
total: 200LI

The Aegelmaere StoryBook Hunting Cabin is now available for 599L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Demo of this house is also available for viewing at the store.

I hope you will enjoy this house as I have in creating it:)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage II

Here is another version of the Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage, a house with an attached Greenhouse/SunRoom/Conservatory.

This house has the Fairy tale turret for an entrance.

And here is a picture of Moon and some of the KittyCats. I couldn't resist posing them infront of the house.

Vendor ad.

View of the greenhouse.

View of the turret, roof trimmings and stained glass windows.

Back view of the house.

A little private area where the little birds play. I have also included these cute birds.

Plants inside the green house is included.

View of the entrance and 'Great Room' with the high ceiling.

View from the entrance.

View to the Greenhouse.

View of the upper floor.

Stairs to the third floor.

View of the third floor 'attic'.

Unlike The Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage I, this house is not open-planned. There is a separate kitchen and dining area from the high-ceilinged 'Great Room' and a smaller room on the ground floor. There are 2 rooms on the second floor and a final 'attic' room on the third floor.

It is 3 stories high and it also has separate rooms so the land impact is higher than the previous house. I didn't want to build a too similar house. I have also made 2 rezzers, one just for the house(142LI) and another for the house and the extras(236LI).

house specs:
Main house: 142LI
base area: 32x27

fireplace&log: 3LI
sculpt landscape: 9LI
mesh bushes: 14LI
trees: 8LI
birds: 5LI
topiaries: 15LI
window box flowers: 16LI
hanging plants: 9LI
creeping ivy: 4LI
plants in planters: 8LI
plants in pots: 2LI
beam: 1LI
base area for The Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage II Complete: 32x32
Total LI: 236LI

copy, mod, no transfer, partial mesh, unfurnished
*some scripts are no mod

*note about the rezzer: please rez the rezzer box higher than the default height so that the house and landscaping will not be imbedded into the land. Another way is to move the rezzer box while in edit mode and the pieces of the houses will follow.

I hope you will love this house as much as I have in creating it:)

This house in now available for 699L at the Marketplace and my in-world store. Please see the house demo at the in-world store.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage

Maribella Tudor Garden Cottage was supposed to be a single storey home but it ended up being 4-storeys high.

Below is the vendor pic:

This Maribella home has an attached Greenhouse/Sunroom.

View of the Greenhouse from outside.

An almost aeriel view of the house.

Side view of the house.

Back view of the house.

Trimmings and bay window.

Front interior of the house.

View from the entrance.

View to the Greenhouse/Sunroom.

2nd foor.

3rd floor.

4th floor.

Like the previous houses, I have made 2 rezzers, one for the Mainhouse only and the other rezzer includes the foliages and extras. I've also continued the open-planned concept to minimise on prim.

House specs:
Main House: 128LI
Chimney: 3LI
fireplace&log: 3LI
mesh foliages: 31LI
sculpted landscaping 25LI
base: 1LI
individual plants:
2 topiaries 6LI
3 hanging flowers: 20LI
beam: 1LI
total: 218LI
copy, mod, no transfer, partial mesh, unfurnished
some scripts are no mod

This house is available for 699L at the Marketplace and my in-world store. Please see the demo at my in-world store.

I hope you will enjoy living in this home as much as I have in creating it:)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Roaming the KittyCat Markets Part1

My favorite pastime is roaming the KittyCats Market Sims. It's the best way to find good bargains and to check on the latest market prices and breeds. So I thought I'd make a list of all the Markets I have been to.

I have some stalls and shops at these markets.
My store at Too Adorable.

Ariel view of Too Adorable with the auction bid board. I got my Australian Mist Mega Missy Blue ChopChop here.

My store at Enchanted KittyCats Market.

The park where the Mega Kitties roam. I had bought a lot of bargain kitties at Enchanted before I rented. It is still a good place to find affordable kitties. Landmark to Enchanted.

My stall at Feline KittyCats The City. I like that it's next to the LoveShack. I've adopted a few kitties here and I've send a few for adoption here too.

Aeriel view of Feline KittyCats The City. Landmark to The City.

My final store is at Ponies-n-More.

Aeriel view of Ponies-n-More. This sim is different in that it also has stalls and stores for other kinds of Breedables. I kind of like that.

Aeriel view of the KittyBox. There are so many choices here.

New born kitties in their sandbox at the KittyBox. Can you imagine the smell if it were real? Hehe. Close by is where you can find kitties for adoption. I adopted one today.

Live auction site at Vygg. This is also the sim where I purchased my very first Kitties a year ago. I've also bought a few wonderful Tonkinese Blue Mink kitties recently at the auction here.

Auction time.

Loveshack at Simply Too Adorable.
Simply Too Adorable is a very good place to find that 100% love live Kitty to add to your cattery. I've adopted a lot of kitties from this place and I've started to sent them for adoption here too. They go fast so even if they're more expensive than other places, it's worth knowing that my kitties will be adopted.

The sim A Little Bit of Everything is so pretty.

It's also not just for KittyCats. There are other breedable pets here.

I bought my over 120days old LoveBee and CookieCat here. Since this picture was taken today, you can see that there are still a lot more for sale. So, if you're a bargain hunter of kitty costumes like I am, now is your chance to own some of these wonderful kitties.

I hope to continue with Part 2 soon, but you can also find these markets at the official KittyCats website here.