Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Collection of Sort

There is no seasonal collections at FOREVER SUMMER but I've been so inspired by the colours of Autumn, this will be my 'Fall Collection'. Sort of. I'm also obsessed with animal prints at the moment, so what better way than to combine them both!
My Dolls posing:)
Vendor pictures below:

The picture above was from a previous post, but it is part of the whole 'autumn' inspiration.

These collections are now available at the Mainstore and satellite store. Demos are also available.

ps. I've priced all these at 300L each no matter how many textures there are. I'm really into affordable stuffs as anyone will know from the prices of my houses, but when it comes to clothings, I'm really not sure if my prices are right.
What do you think? I would really appreciate feedbacks from you. Thanks:)