Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Blue Georgian Townhouse

Continuing with my Townhouse theme, is this my Georgian-style Townhouse. I know, not an original name:(

The Blue Georgian Townhouse is a 4-storey home with 8 rooms! Perfect for the family, or if you like, a hostel or hotel.

The basement has 2 rooms with a large area at the back. Upstairs on the main floor, are open areas divided by opened doorways. On the second floor are 4 rooms. While up on the loft are 2 more rooms and a balcony at the back.

I have added a little bit of optional landscaping.

The Blue Georgian Townhouse is 151LI while the landscaping and street light is 29LI.

As usual they are all modifiable and copiable but not transferable. Some scripts are no mod.

The Blue Georgian Townhouse is now available for 399L on the Marketplace.