Sunday, April 1, 2012

Color Challenge Week14-Royal Purple

In the beginning of the week, I had already prepared this pic for the challenge. I was a girl scout:) This gown is a group gift from The White Armory. Lovely, lovely dress.
I remembered when we weren't allowed to wear purple or yellow at weddings coz that might offend some blue-blooded people. Geez.
Then yesterday I remembered I have this dress from Icing.
I would have kept the skirt on but my thigh was sticking out and how convenient, the outfit came with garters and socks. I wanted to look sexy and all but I think I managed to look like, "Where the hell is my hubby?" as I stare at the phone. Only the cat is happy coz I'm stroking her.
Anyway, I got tired of moving my avatar's limbs so that is the best shot I could get of her.
I do know the difference between real me and avatar me.