Saturday, October 20, 2012

My new look

Something I picked up at the Boho Culture. In real life I dress like a hippie but in SL, I don't feel like dressing my avatar as one. Except for the flamboyant print, this gown is almost formal.
As expected, most of the clothes at the event are mesh. This gown is from On a Lark. It comes with the accessories. Isn't that great? No need to search my jewellery folder and rack my brain trying to remember the names and images of my baubles. Why do women need so much stuffs? Sometimes I am tempted to just thrash everything and just keep my favorites.

I also changed my avatar's skin this week. I'm gonna miss the cute face of Fiep, but I wanted a face that is mature-looking but still sweet-looking too and I've fallen in love with the [PXL] Faith skin. I've also scaled down my avatar. She no longer towers over everybody else but she's still tall and voluptuous and she's a size Mmesh but sometimes she has to wear a size Lmesh. The fickleness of mesh-wear:/

I also completed my latest house but I'm not satisfied with the exterior so I don't think I'll be putting it up on Marketplace until I redo/renovate the house again.... like adding a door or a wall or retexture that sort of stuffs. But this is how the interior would look like: