Friday, November 30, 2012

Today's look- fun skating

I was updating Kiki's shape to be mesh friendly and she looked so cute, I had to dress her up and take her ice skating. Kiki's not another alt, but the shape I used to put on marketplace but I took all my shapes off when I decided to embrace mesh clothings. Kiki is a size Xs or Small depending on what you're wearing.
Moon will probably be wearing this shape for a few days.
The cardigan-jacket is a group gift from [Foppish]. Joining is still free.
The mesh jeans is from Gizza.
Hair and beanie is from Kari. It's an old item. I don't think this hair is there anymore. I tried to get a different coloured hair last year, but it was no longer for sale.
The shirt is from Deetalez.
The ice-skates are from Bax. The roller skates from Pixelmode.

I bought the KH ice skate ao and I'm really satisfied with it. I already have their mermaid AO3 which is really awesome.

This reminds me. Moon hasn't been a mermaid in a while.