Thursday, June 7, 2012

Imma Mess

Well that is how I feel but I've been keeping up appearances and my friend Del does make me laugh so that is a bonus. Yea some people might say I gotta face the problems head on but some people are not walking in my shoes so what do they know?
Anyway, I did some hunts but I try to be very, very selective on account of my inventory which keeps on ballooning.
I went to [Noctis] for the Silk Road Hunt and although I found the hunt item, I bought this chinese screen from the sister shop across the road. I think it fits my apartment better.
This buggy is from the Michigan Shack's Mesh Around hunt. I feel empowered driving this big hunk.
Woot! Hat and hair from Maitreya. I was wondering when they were releasing new hair coz I sure can't wear mesh clothings. And I am so glad that Di's Opera is around again coz I really like her poses.

More poses shots. I'm wearing Zaara's sexy Svara dress, Truth's Ebony, [Doc's V2]8 hole,  [Mandala]Sinra jewelry and Sn@tch fishnet leggings.
Did I miss anything? Probably coz I'm no fashion blogger...

Oh yea, Del kept asking aka pestering me that we take pictures together and coz he cracks me up so much, this is what we did:

Did we blind anyone with our colour choice? Don't we look retro?
We had a blast!
Then Purple Poses came out with guitar poses for the guys and I just HAD to pose eventhough she said the girls' poses were coming out soon.
I love Grace Slick. This pose is inspired by her. Although don't I look like Valerie Bertinelli? Yea yea I am from that era. That rocking hair is from Exile.

Wow, for a girl who's a mess, this is one long post!