Friday, March 13, 2015

KittyCats and Gachas

My budget exploded this month.
Eversince I bought my first 2 costumed KittyCats, those adorable Forget Me Nots, I've become fascinated with them and I've been haunting the Kittycat markets to 'adopt' past Collectible Kitties. Most were unaffordable but when I find the ones that are within my price range, I will not resist.

I thought I was safe when I told myself  no more collectible kitties this month.

Then came The ARCADE.
I totally lost it. I'm not into gachas. I didn't even buy anything at the last ARCADE. But this month's ARCADE is interesting and I especially wanted ALL the cakes and deserts in the O.M.E.N Hansel and Gretel Fairytale Bakery Gacha and the display case which I absolutely needed to make my outdoor bakery.

When I couldn't get what I wanted, I searched for the remaining items at Gacha Markets.
In the end, I got the complete set. COMPLETE! This really was hilarious because ME having a complete set?

I got the Fairytale Bakery building from the Gacha which is a RARE but I won't be using it. Outdoor, remember. So that building will be put on sale in it's original box at my mainstore  together with other extra deserts in their to-go boxes at a resell shop I have made on the upper floor above the Kitty shop.

Then there are the Sway's cupcake Bears. I've always admired her bears and I have a few of them and when on the first attempt I got the bear with the crown, which is a RARE, I tried again and got the bear with the balloons, another RARE. The one with the Butterflies, which is also a rare, I bought from the Gacha Market because I couldn't afford to test my luck anymore.

Also in the display case are fruit pies and breads from POCHE.

My Store finally looks the way I want it to be.

I also bought a few wagons from Pilot so that my KittyCats can sleep in them:)

Have a great Weekend!