Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday Meme: The Winter Season Challenge

It's Monday and it's time for another Meme from Miss Strawberry.

Meme Instructions: Take a wintery picture and/or answer the following questions about the season. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your picture in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.
  1. What is the December/Winter season like where you live? – I live in Malaysia and in December, it is cold and wet most of the time because of the Monsoon.
  2. When you think of winter, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? – When I was still a clueless chit, I used to think of winter as in Charles Dicken's novels especially Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist. I still do I guess as can be seen in the picture above. Then when studies took me to US, it was how slushy and yucky the snow became when it melted. Now, I wish I could feel the snow flakes on my face again! Winter also means a beginning for me. I know it's strange because winter is the end of the year, but a lot of things happen to me during those winter times and carried over to the new year.
  3. Have you ever played any extreme winter sports? –Nothing extreme for me:)
  4. What do you like most about this season? –The snow when it falls. It's not as cold when it's not snowing and I simply love how all the whiteness covered the grounds, trees and houses afterwards. Beautiful!
  5. Do you celebrate Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanzaa or another holiday during this time of year? – No, I don't, but sometimes I cannot resist buying the cute christmas decors.

4. Wow skin at Holiday Fair

I thought I'd do another post on skins.
These are .::WoW Skins::. which are available at the Holiday Fair in Slebrity City. Please check my flickr for larger resolution.

.::WoW Skins::. Erin skin & shape FULL PACK(milk/ tan/ sunkissed)

.::WoW Skins::. Myst FULL PACK WITH ALL APPLIERS!(milk nat/ tan nat/ sunkissed nat)

.::WoW Skins::. Manuela Milk

.::WoW Skins::. Irene  Milk

I used windlight Nam's Optimal skin2 to take these pictures and no touch ups.

Lovely skins!

3. Holiday Fair at Slebrity City: Lingerie Edition

Continuing my pictorial report on the Holiday Fair at Slebrity City, my next post is about lingerie for the holiday season!
items for Holiday Fair at Slebrity City:
bangles: AFI Designs Mother Bangles boxed
lingerie: Perch - Lily Corset - Holiday Green(with top and bottom appliers which Moon is not using)

This lingerie also comes in sexy red!

lingerie: Sexy Look - ladies sexy xmas babydoll
hair: Pelle - ICY MESH HAIR RED
bangles: AFI Designs Snakey Bangles Boxed

lingerie: Sexy Look - ladies sexy leopard lingerie

Christmas decors in teal by ::A&A:: Life is your creativity! which is available at the Holiday Fair has already been blogged earlier.

And also a couple of freebies at the fair:

Sexy Look - ladies gift holiday fair freebie @ Holiday Fair
TRUTH HAIR Fernanda Group Gift 30 Nov 2013

Perch - Nicole Dress - Red freebie @ Holiday Fair

2. Holiday Fair at Slebrity City

It doesn't have to be red and green this season.
::A&A:: Life is your creativity! brings you teal for Christmas at the Holiday Fair in Slebrity City!
::A&A:: Table Top Iron Christmas Tree - Teal Exclusive Gift dollarbie!
::A&A:: Teal Magical Christmas Wreath
::A&A:: Table Teal Christmas Snowman(with resizer)
::A&A:: Teal Christmas Tree
outfit with shoes and hat by *plowwies*Carina outfit set available at the Holiday Fair.

Items worn by Moon available at the Holiday Fair in Slebrity City:
coat: DG Designs Classic Princess Coat
bag: Perch - Croc Bag - Cream and Brown

others(old item):
hair: Iren .:::My Romance:::./black
scarf: sf design sculpted scarf colour change
leggings: Color.Me.H.O.F [LeopardLeggins]

I took some pictures of the fair ground: