Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dancing on the Beach

I've added a few more partial mesh dresses(ie mesh dresses with flexi skirts) at the store.
{FS}Hot Pink Hibiscus 2Piece Partial Mesh Dress

{FS}Green Island Floral 2Piece Partial Mesh Dress

{FS}Rose Garden 2Piece Partial Mesh Dress

{FS}Forget me Not 2Piece Partial Mesh Dress

And, these dresses can also be worn with mesh body.
When I was making these dresses, I wasn't sure if I preferred the tummy covered or uncovered because I like both styles, so I've added both in the pack. These are 2 pieces dresses so that ladies with different size tops and bottoms won't have any problems wearing them. They can also be worn without the flexi skirts so that makes it a 4 in 1 deal!
The mesh parts are no mod while the flexi skirt may be mod and copied.
As always, please try the demos available.

hair: Analog Dog
skin: New Faces Mei Ying Olive
mesh body: WoWMeh
jewellery: MG