Sunday, May 28, 2017

Belum Jungle Retreat

A holiday hut in the jungle high up on stilts. There are no windows or doors to this hut. Just let the breeze cool you off and mosquito nets to fend off those pesky insects.

The Belum Jungle Retreat is 138 land impact and 35x40.

The verandah to watch the wild beasts prowl.

A water feature to cool off.

The 2 rooms of the house are separated by a stair-bridge.

The Belum Jungle Retreat Hut is 57LI and 19x23.

This hut is surrounded by huge trees and a water feature. I have also added a few unscripted birds to add to the jungle effect: 79LI and 35x40.

4 Birds: 8LI
Base & ground landscaping: 4LI
ground landscaping sculpt;3LI
small tree with orange flowers: 4LI
Jungle Tree with Orange flowers 8LI
Green Jungle Tree 1: 10LI
Green Jungle Tree 2: 9LI
Green Jungle Tree 3: 10LI
Jungle Retreat Waterfall with vines sculpt: 12LI
Jungle Retreat waterfall trees mesh with base: 15LI

I have also added border screens 2LI.

Belum Jungle Retreat Complete is 138LI and copy, mod, partial mesh and no transfer. Some script is no mod.

There are 2 rezzer boxes. One is just the hut and the other is the complete set.

The Belum Jungle Retreat is now available for 325L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Please see the demo at my in-world store.