Friday, May 13, 2016

Ariana Courtyard Villa

I have wanted to do a courtyard house. I like it's privacy expect; a house with a garden at the centre.

The Ariana Courtyard Villa is build on a 32x32 base.

Vendor pic. You can watch the sunset.

Front of the house.
2 staircases takes you up to the bedrooms.

Upper floor. There are 2 bedrooms on each wing of the house.

View from the upper balcony.
The Ariana Courtyard Villa is a double-storey house with 6 rooms and an inner courtyard. It has an open floorplan for the living, dining and kitchen area. 
French doors opens up into the courtyard. Upstairs, 2 of the bedrooms has double doors that opens up onto the balconies.

This house is perfect for families or roomies.

house specs;
house: 136LI
base: 32x32
copy, mod, no transfer
partial mesh
some scripts are no mod.

This house comes in a rezzer box. 

You can purchase this house for 269L at my in-world store or the Marketplace. Demo of this house is available for viewing at my in-world store.