Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Kitties and Springtime Kitties

It's that time for me to go gaga again over costumed KittyCats.

This is how the Garden Party Kitties came to usher Spring. In a basket with eggs!

And they turn out so cute with their costumes which reminds me of bygone era. And I got the same costumed pairs!
My Strawberry pair KittyCats.

Easter Kitties have bunny ears and a riot of cheerful colours.

Then I traded my Lime Girl for a Purple Girl and repacked the Purple Boy and birthed them together again.
The same boy kitty but he changed his name:)

And, last my Australian Mist Pair.
Aren't they adorable? They're not 9T cats but I'm working on their offsprings. Not sure how long that will take me or if I will persevere till I get a 9T.

On a side note, I have run out of prims for Kitties at The ScratchN Post Too and so I have rented a store at TOO ADORABLE. You will find most of my 9T KittyCats here. You can also see my latest kittens the Garden Party Strawberry Pair and the HardBoiled Bunnies there.

These latest costumed Kitties are available for purchase at the KittyCat Mainstore.

I've also had to move my house KittyCats down to the garage because we can't move without stepping on a cat anymore. Hahaha.
I still need to do some landscaping but know that KittyCats have taken over our lives!

Have a Great Weekend!