Saturday, November 14, 2015

Summer Island Lake House

Summer Island Lake House is a house on a rock. This is a 3-storey house. The top most floor has 3 rooms; 2 large rooms and a smaller room. The middle and lower floors are open concept.

There are 2 entrance into the house. There is the rock stairs leading up to the second floor verandah and another entrance on the ground floor. You reach the Lake house via the dock where you also leave your boat.

This house includes the rocks, flowers and the trees. I've made 2 separate rezzers. One house with the landscaping(125LI) and another house without(94LI).

house specs:
house: 94 land impact
base: 13x30
ivy and daisies on rocks: 10 land impact
rocks, trees, water: 21 prims
base water: 23x48
copy, mod, no transfer
partial mesh
scripts are no mod

Below is the vendor pic:

Unfortunately I don't have time to furnish the house for picture taking.

This house is now available on the Marketplace and my in-world store for 329L. I have made the house with the landscaping version as the demo. This version can be turned into a skybox and the water area can be modified wider and deeper.

The boat is not included but it's free on Marketplace.