Tuesday, May 1, 2012

40 days to fix my bachelorette pad

Some wives mourn the death of their loved ones for 40 days.  Some people believe that you can get to know a person well in 40 days. I procrastinate and feel sorry for myself for 40 days. Just before I started writing this, I told my daughters again that I want them to never be a housewife or they'll die of boredom like their mom. I've said that so many times, I think I've succeeded in brain-washing them.

I finally decorated my skybox. I've always loved the Manhattan skybox from Rebourne. It's small and perfect for just me.
I like these sofa. They're big and plushy and loaded with lots of textures but their sit animations are all messed up I had to adjust the poses. Not good for asking people to sit. Not that I'll ever invite anyone up.

This is what I wanna do, but since I don't drink alcohol, I'll just pose for a picture.

The new Purplemoon mesh dress from the Bestyle Gypset event. I love the colourful pattern which is why I didn't mind squashing my boobs into that tight dress.

My small bedroom. Cozy I think and a little bit messy too. Eating chocolate in bed is not a good idea coz you might forget to brush your teeth afterwards and go straight to sleep which is just bad. But since I'm never gonna have teeth problems in SL.... I think my cat and dog are falling in love with each other.