Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Kitties and Springtime Kitties

It's that time for me to go gaga again over costumed KittyCats.

This is how the Garden Party Kitties came to usher Spring. In a basket with eggs!

And they turn out so cute with their costumes which reminds me of bygone era. And I got the same costumed pairs!
My Strawberry pair KittyCats.

Easter Kitties have bunny ears and a riot of cheerful colours.

Then I traded my Lime Girl for a Purple Girl and repacked the Purple Boy and birthed them together again.
The same boy kitty but he changed his name:)

And, last my Australian Mist Pair.
Aren't they adorable? They're not 9T cats but I'm working on their offsprings. Not sure how long that will take me or if I will persevere till I get a 9T.

On a side note, I have run out of prims for Kitties at The ScratchN Post Too and so I have rented a store at TOO ADORABLE. You will find most of my 9T KittyCats here. You can also see my latest kittens the Garden Party Strawberry Pair and the HardBoiled Bunnies there.

These latest costumed Kitties are available for purchase at the KittyCat Mainstore.

I've also had to move my house KittyCats down to the garage because we can't move without stepping on a cat anymore. Hahaha.
I still need to do some landscaping but know that KittyCats have taken over our lives!

Have a Great Weekend!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kitty Pets

This post is all about my virtual cats:)

My first pair of breedable KittyCats are now just a pair of pets. After 120 days, they can no longer breed. It feels kind of sad them not having anymore kitties and I'm glad I didn't sell their first offspring.

I saw Alhrik, Zahara and Isolde their toy offspring sitting together and couldn't resist taking a family picture. I pushed Isolde's mate Anson into the picture. Isolde and Anson has one last kitty to produce before they too become pets.

The funny thing about breeding cats, you never know the outcome of the offspring. Isolde and Anson only ever produce Cream Tabby like Isolde and Ocicat Ebony Silver which came from Ahlrik's(who is an Ocicat Cinnamon Silver) father. I had hoped at least one of the kittens would be a Balinese Cream Lynx like Anson. Let's hope their last baby would be like Anson!

Recently I adopted a pair of what I called chocolate chip kitties. They're Ocicat Chocolate and their colouring looks like they've been sprinkled with chocolate chips. I called them Cadbury and Hershey:)
Recently they had their first kitty and imagine my surprise when their offspring was a Foxie Blondie and the pedigree chart showed no Foxie Blondie on either side of Cadbury or Hershey.

So here is Brendon, offspring of the chocolate chip kitties, looking very much like a fox. He must be a throwback. I am pairing him with another Ocicat chocolate and who knows what their offsprings would be.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Romantic gowns for Spring and Summer

I love long floral dresses so I've made a few of them here.

Sylvie Slip Dress set comes in 2 mesh dresses, the inner dress is a long floral printed spaghetti straped dress while the outer dress is a crochet slip-on dress. You can wear them separately. For example, the crotchet top can be used over a bikini or jeans.

My Collectible CupidCats finally made a kitten called Always&Forever. Isn't he adorable?

Moon and the KittyCats at the Store:

And at home where the CupidCats gave birth while Moon was pampering Marmalade the Abyssinian Cat:

Below are vendor pictures of my dresses:
{FS}Sylvie Pink Roses Slip Dress Set

{FS}Sylvie Red Roses Slip Dress Set

{FS}Sylvie Pink Hydrangea Slip Dress Set

Available now at the FOREVER SUMMER Mainstore and Marketplace. Please try the demo.

On a side note, I have a new flickr account.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Springtime Country Gown and St Paddy's KittyCat

Today a pair of my KittyCats birthed a special kitten called St. Paddy's Girl - Lucky Dream. If you owned a pair of breeding KittyCats, you could find yourself with this special kitty too from now till the 21st.

Instead of the usual brown box, it came in a purple 3-leaf clover and it so happened, it matches with Moon's purple rose gown.

This is how she looks like in her costume.

This is how she looks like without her costume and those are her stats. She is my 4th generation kitty and she got her fur colouring from her grandfather on her mother's side.

I thought I'd take a picture of Moon posing a walk in her new Spring dress.

The dress is available now at the Mainstore and the Marketplace. As always, please try the demo.

Friday, March 13, 2015

KittyCats and Gachas

My budget exploded this month.
Eversince I bought my first 2 costumed KittyCats, those adorable Forget Me Nots, I've become fascinated with them and I've been haunting the Kittycat markets to 'adopt' past Collectible Kitties. Most were unaffordable but when I find the ones that are within my price range, I will not resist.

I thought I was safe when I told myself  no more collectible kitties this month.

Then came The ARCADE.
I totally lost it. I'm not into gachas. I didn't even buy anything at the last ARCADE. But this month's ARCADE is interesting and I especially wanted ALL the cakes and deserts in the O.M.E.N Hansel and Gretel Fairytale Bakery Gacha and the display case which I absolutely needed to make my outdoor bakery.

When I couldn't get what I wanted, I searched for the remaining items at Gacha Markets.
In the end, I got the complete set. COMPLETE! This really was hilarious because ME having a complete set?

I got the Fairytale Bakery building from the Gacha which is a RARE but I won't be using it. Outdoor, remember. So that building will be put on sale in it's original box at my mainstore  together with other extra deserts in their to-go boxes at a resell shop I have made on the upper floor above the Kitty shop.

Then there are the Sway's cupcake Bears. I've always admired her bears and I have a few of them and when on the first attempt I got the bear with the crown, which is a RARE, I tried again and got the bear with the balloons, another RARE. The one with the Butterflies, which is also a rare, I bought from the Gacha Market because I couldn't afford to test my luck anymore.

Also in the display case are fruit pies and breads from POCHE.

My Store finally looks the way I want it to be.

I also bought a few wagons from Pilot so that my KittyCats can sleep in them:)

Have a great Weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Juliette Romance Gown

I haven't been doing much work in SL eversince I became obsessed with these KittyCats. Sort of reminds me of my daughter and her Neopets except she was in middle school back then and what excuse do I have? They're just too adorable!

Do you see my other cats sleeping all over the courtyard? I needed them to be in the middle of the parcel so that they won't fall off into the sea.

I did finally made time to work on a dress. Only one dress.

You can find this romantic dress at the Mainstore or the Marketplace. Please do try the demo available.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Beachcomber's Cabin

I've rebuilt one of my Beachcomber's Cabin and this is how it looks:

The 5th Beachcomber's Cabin is 80 land impact and has a base of 25x17. Except for the stairs, the rest of the house are regular prims.

View of the living area.

View of the entrance.

View from the kitchen.

View from the stairs/foyer entrance.

View from the top stairs.

This house is now available for viewing and purchase at the Simple Things Mainstore and Marketplace.