Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Calpe Cape House

I'm really fascinated by the gambrel roof from my last build, the Bailey Red Barn Family House that I wanted to build another one. The gambrel roof is a little bit primmy but I couldn't resist the bell-shape design.

The Calpe Cape House is a 5 bedroom double-storey Dutch Colonial Revival inspired home.
And as an option, I've also made a separate garage with an upper room. All the landscaping in the picture is also included as an option.

The back view of the house.

Below is the vendor ad:

Another side view of the house using medium graphics and unedited:

The back of the house:

View of the living area:

Another view of the living area:

View of the upper floor 'family/entertainment' area:

View of one of the 4 bedrooms on the upper floor:

View of the upper and lower floors:

One car garage:

Room above the garage:

I have made 3 rezzers for this project. One for the mainhouse, another for the garage and the third for both buildings and landscaping included. The completed set sits on a 50x50 base.

house specs:
The Calpe Cape House: 200LI
The Calpe Cape House Garage: 44LI
Front white roses 14LI
sculpted Rock flower bed with soil 20LI
Privacy Screen, driveway and base 3LI
Front hedge 14LI
side hedges 16LI
Window Boxes 18LI
sculpted back path 3LI
back red roses 14LI
Chandelier 1 8LI
Chandelier 1 8LI
Fireplace brick and white wood 1LI
Sculpted Firelogs w/ Fire 2LI
total: 347LI

As usual, the build is copy, mod, no transfer, partial mesh and unfurnished and some scripts are no mod.

The Calpe Cape House is now available for 699L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Demo is also available at the in-world store.