Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If you can say no

The hardest thing is to say no to people's requests but if you can, what does it make you? I'm finding it easier and easier to say no nowadays. I wonder if that is one of the signs of old age. Just like it's getting more and more difficult for me to keep quiet around irritating people. I read somewhere that women becomes more and more strict when they get older while men becomes more and more mellow. It has something to do with our hormones.

I completed my house. It's similar to my other modern houses but this one was in my head when I woke up last Sunday and instead of having breakfast, I am one of those people who can eat first thing when they wake up(I hear we are an endengered specie haha) anyway, instead of breakfast, I started building and 3 days later, it's in the Marketplace and at my little mainstore.

This little house has a sun roof in the kitchen! I love big huge windows and most of my houses have these big huge windows. And french doors! Well double doors actually but french doors sounds fancier.

As usual, I use my old furnitures to decorate the house and these furnitures are so versatile, I hate parting with them.