Monday, June 20, 2016

Eleanor the Cowgirl Kitty

Second Life started celebrating it's 13th year this weekend and I've been around over 8 years.
Last week I discovered that almost 30K of my items in my inventory had vanished and I doubt I'll be able to replace any of them or even want to. I'm relief that my KittyCats and most of my building stuffs didn't disappear.

Meet my Eleanor Cowgirl Kitty. She is KittyCat's gift for SL13B called Shared Adventure.

Indeed she is a shared adventure because if not for KittyCats, I have a feeling I would be leaving SL with all it's misadventure. So Thank You to the people who made these virtual kittens so adorable I just had to keep on playing with them:)

To get your own Shared Adventure KittyCat, take the tp here.