Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shop and Pose

I need to start cleaning up my inventory again. Every time I tp to another sim, I'd crash. That really isn't a recipe for good moods and I've been especially down a lot and trying hard to keep it together. Some people drink, some people sleep around, they all self destruct. I spent...
That's my take on this week's colour challenge, thistle. Something in pink and purple from Sn@tch-N-Grab Special Calypso.
Everything that's on sale for the RFL seemed to be in shades of purple. This is from MysticHope, named Sheeyla Bordeaux. I'm ashamed to say, I've never heard of this store before.
This gown isn't part of the RFL but I loved it so much, I had to get it. It's from {Elysium}, named Ilithyia in Pink. I've never heard of this store either.....and I thought I was a shopaholic.
This is from Purplemoon, Boho Look1 for 55LThursday.
This is a hunt item from Paris Metro, Feast French Lace Gown.

While I was writing this up, I was also listening to live music:)