Sunday, January 24, 2016

Maribella's Storybook Tudor Apartments

This is another of Maribella's home.

As you can see, it's another Tudor style building. It's similar to the Maribella's Tudor Manor but this time, I've turned it into a 3-storey walk-up apartment building.

Amazingly, this building is only 120 land impact despite it's size. Of course, the layout is open planned to minimize on prims and it worked!

The ground floor could be turned into a shop/restaurant/bar. It has it's own reception area as shown in the picture below:

The ground floor is very spacious:

It also leads to the garage:

Below is the view of the upper floors. Wrought iron staircases and railings make for charming architecture and high roofs and turrets lends a fairy tale feel.

The first floor apartment:

The second floor apartment:

View of the building from above:

house specs:
120 land impact
23x26 base
copy, mod, no transfer
partial mesh
script are no mod
creeping ivy(optional) 41 land impact
fireplace(optional) 3 land impact

I have put the house in 2 rezzers. One with the ivy and one without the ivy.

The house is now available for 699L at the Marketplace and my in-world store. Please see the demo available at the store if you are unsure of how it looks.