Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dresses for skinny girls

I really love these ultra high Kyoot wedges and eventhough me and my skinny alter ego sidekick who-looks-good-in-mesh prop are already too tall I still want them! The price was irresistible too.
And here she is again wearing mesh.
I've demoed a lot of beautiful mesh outfits and always I would have to move the sliders for the dresses to fit. These dresses aren't cheap either, so to me that is not worth it. Until somebody makes mesh dresses that I don't have to spent time scrutinizing my avatar to check for poking skins or make me look I'm wearing a sack, I will just have to wait until the technology arrives. Till then my prop-avie gets to wear the affordable mesh dresses.
Of course there are exception to everything, like this beautiful long flowing gown from Purplemoon:
My boobs look great in this gown:)