Thursday, August 30, 2012

Building houses

I've been spending a lot of time building. I joined premium early this month, finally let go of my parcel and got myself a free 512sqm plot as part of the premium. Wow, 117prims is really little. So I decided to build my own little house.
After  a few weeks and caving in getting another plot of land, I made my little cabin and a couple of other houses.
I also put my houses in Marketplace.
This one room cabin is free.

This is supposed to be my vacation home LOL. You know, when you go for vacation, all you get is that one room. Pixels don't need bathrooms, thank goodness!

This 2 room house is 49L.

I've been playing in roleplay sims for so long, I just had to have 2 entrances for quick exits in case some baddies come to try kill me through one of the doors.
Anyway, this house is only 26 prims so I had abundance extra prims to use my furnitures.

This 3 room house is 69L.

I used the same furnitures in this house because I am in love with Urbanized and Bazar furnitures. They're so modern and contemporary and still classic.

I really enjoyed building. Reminds me of when I finally got bored playing the Sims and just build houses. I bought a lot of textures and stuffs for my builds and already I have some ideas for other styles of modern houses. Maybe with a roof.... although roofs take a lot of unnecessary prims just to look pretty.

Yesterday I downloaded Blender, but that program will take a lot of patience which I have a lot and concerntration which I don't so I don't know how that is going to go.