Tuesday, October 26, 2021

New Shapes Part2

 I am so pleased that more skin designers are joining the weekend sales. Because that's where I can get very affordable skins before they go back to their original prices. And I can play with shapes. Face shapes that is. 

Here are some of the shapes I have tweaked with skins from designers IVES, Lueur Beauty and PUMEC. They have the same kind of neck fades which blend down into the body shades which helps with people like me who doesn't have the budget to spent on body apps. 

Above are Lelutka Mesh Heads Fleur3.1, Lake3.1, Ryn3.1 and Erin3.1.

Please check them out on the Marketplace under Avatar Components. Each shape is 50L. There is no demo.

Monday, October 18, 2021

That House with The View


That House with The View is a remake of an old favorite, My Modern House with A View. It has higher walls and the living-room is separated from the kitchen and dining. It will fit a 512 parcel(32x16) but would look better on a 1024(32x32) parcel.

Most of the windows are scripted open/close. The interior walls are wood panelling and marble tiles while the exterior stays stucco.

Furnitures and plants are from Bazar, Black Sands, Kazza, Chez Moi. The conifer forest is from Tobias Novi.

That House with The View is 58LI and 17x15. It is copy, mod, no transfer and partial mesh. It is UNFURNISHED.

That House with The View is available for 200L on the Marketplace.

Demo is available at Simple Things.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

More Freebies from Shop & Hop

I made it to 4 Sims today. Fortunately, it is no longer laggy. They are the JUBILANT, GOLDEN, SNOWFLAKE and HALCYON Sims.


Sintiklia - Hair Yasmine  - GIFT

BONDI . Bondito Witch


Shelby-Trick or Treat Pumpkin Decor Set

[V/W] Shop&Hop Halloween GIFT for the pumpkins and bales


A closer view of the beautifully crafted veil and the so very cute Bondito Witch!

.:{Sofia}:. Anne Star Gown Dress V.2  / Red  comes with the jewellery set and the purse!
-Narcisse- Bella Donna Headpiece
Essenz - Aranea (All colors)
.: Runic :. Crystal Swan Halloween I used the smaller version
Lilith's Den Gift Box Halloween 2021 the red balloons

A closer look at the ring and the purse and the head dress and the hair! Yasmin comes with a Halloween Hud.


I detached the flexi bottom frills to show you the shoes from  ESSENZ. It comes with a multi-coloured Hud. I just chose red. A KEEPER!

MALified - Morgana Outfit (Black): Maitreya Only - GIFT
The Annex - Drusilla Crown
Vulnus Aranea Set

Finally, another short dress. Morgana comes with the shoes too.
The Vulnus Aranea Set comes with a spidey necklace, but I detached it because it interfered with the Morgana collar.

Happy Hunting! And thank you to all the designers and creators who generously give us these free gifts and create moments of HAPPINESS.

You can find the shops on the SL community blog.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Shop & Hop Gilded


This is a totally impromptu blog post about this month's Halloween Shop & Hop. I only planned to pick up the Sleeping Cat, a free gift from Jian at the Gilded Sim, but since I was there, I scouted the Gilded Sim for other free gifts.

Jian Sleeping Kitty Pillow Gift

Magik Pumpkin from [777]Motors

<Magic Party> Halloween - Abracadabra Witch Cake

A closer look at the awesome gifts:

You get a piece of cake on a plate on touching the cake. You also get a fork but Moon is holding the Starry Soda gift from Hangry in the other hand.
And look at those cute little pumpkin rings from Kungler, Payton ring, Halloween addition.
And those adorable Chesnut Companions from Sway's.
On Moon's chest is a purple tattoo from Stardust.
The purple Fluorescence skirt is the gift from Eliavah.

There were 2 free shoes on Gilded, one from Lindy and one from -KC-. I chose to wear the Nellie Wedges from -KC-. It has a 40 color Hud with lots of options and after Halloween, you can change those skull prints. A keeper! And there's the sleeping kitty, dead to the world!

A close look at the Chesnut Companion. ADORABLE!

Thank you for all the freebies! Teleport to Gilded.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Other than the houses... the shape tweaking

When the creative ideas run thin in SL, I would go exploring or start tweaking with my avatar's shape and these are some of the EvoX shapes I thought was good enough for the Marketplace.

These are heads for Fleur3.1, Ryn3.1, Erin3.1 and Lilly3.1. I haven't gotten around to Lake3.1 because that's my personal shape, but I will get to it! I only do the faces, so the bodies are my personal shape and if you like it, all the better. They are slim and medium size.

Please check them out on the Marketplace under Avatar Components. Each shape is 50L. There is no demo.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Gardening is like a jigsaw puzzle

 Other than building houses, I also love lanscaping on a small scale because my parcel is small.

Above is my Country Garden collection. I absolutely love the colourful flowers combinations and I can just imagine walking along their path.

Next is my Stone Border Series which is slightly formal but not really because it's also a riot of colours!

This is my Tropical Jungle Collection where you'd find the dense trees and green foliages with a smattering of colourful plants.

Above is before I even thought of making a series or collection, but when that creative juices start flowing, I knew that I had to have packs. The middle picture is a tropical waterfall for a 1024 parcel and that project started the creation of all the other series.

Please check them out on the Marketplace under Home and Garden.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Judd Modern Rustic Log Cabin


This little cabin is my modern version of the log cabin. I wanted to make it to have the most view and so I turned most of the walls into 'windows'. The upstairs open spaced bedroom still has privacy where there is a small window where the bed is placed.

The Judd is only 35 land impact and has a base area of 16x15. It would fit a 512 parcel but it would look better on a 1024 parcel where you can add trees around it.

I have also included a few pine trees and ferns. The pine trees are sculpt so you can stretch it to a big size tree and it would still remain 2 prims. I have also included a base island just in case yours is a water parcel or you want to put the house up in the sky.

The house is partial mesh, copy, mod and no transfer. I have included a rezzer version for the house for easy positioning. The house is UNFURNISHED. The furnitures in these pictures are from Bazar.

Judd Modern Rustic Log Cabin is available for 200L on the Marketplace.

Demo is available at Simple Things.