Wednesday, February 6, 2019


Before mesh heads, I used to have thousands of skins. Now I can count the skins I have on one hand.
My Simone Lelutka Mesh Head cannot wear some of the skins that I would love to buy and I just don't want to spent the time learning to use Omega or any of the other mesh heads from other mesh makers. The deciding factor, of course, is that mesh heads are a bit on the expensive side. So I decided that one head is all I need right now.

When I saw Maewe from Glam Affair at Uber, I was so in love with that face and joy oh joy, it was for Lelutka. I also took the chance to go for the darker skin #9 because for the longest time, Moon have been so pale and I felt it was time for a change.
I believe I made the right decision.

Hair pic1: Tram
Hair pic2: Rama Salon
Hair pic3: Sintiklia