Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loosing control

I was thinking about control. About how I lost it. I never had it in the beginning, but I think all women have that control streak in them once motherhood strikes them. My children said I was a control freak but not anymore. Of course! How can I do that once they're all grown up eventhough it pains me to set them free.
Now I'm so laid back about every thing. My mantra: things happen for a reason. Yeah it doesn't always make me feel good but that's all I have.

People are funny. Old men in SL are especially stupid. I've met a few who wants to find independant women who are sophisticated and mature and yet they go off to find loud, whorish girls who causes them drama and headaches..... not to mention drain their lindens. Yeah even in this pixelated world.

I may have a cheerful disposition but I really am sorry I can't be your friend with benefits.

Give me some candies from now on.