Friday, April 11, 2014

My Beach Store

I've been busy working on a new store lay-out because the old one is running out of space and when I've completed building it, it occurred to me that if I scaled it down, it could turn into a resort-style beach house. You know I am obsessed with water. I wished I had a bigger parcel, but this is within my budget and I'm happy with the outcome.

Below are pictures of the store. I haven't done the house yet.

I've also made some tee-shirts for women and men. Yes, men!
I'm obsessed with these stripes, I know. They're 200L.

These tee-shirts I made when I was mad at someone. It's on sale forever at 50L/fatpack at the store. You can find it at the upper floor Mix & Match section.

I finally packaged the shorts:
The fatpack is 200L.
And here is my men's tee-shirts in stripes!
They're only 250L/fatpack.

I'm not sure if I will be selling these individually. My inventory is ballooning exponentially as it is and texture HUD is a lifesaver!

As always, please try the DEMO before buying.

It's already Friday here. Hope you all have a good weekend!