Friday, May 19, 2017

The Blue Mermaid Houseboat

My Blue Mermaid houses comes in 3 separate designs.

The first house is actually the last one I built. It's the smallest and really cute.

The open floor plan makes it easy to have the kitchen, dining and living area.

Even the bedroom is spacious and the French doors with the mermaid stained glass is how this built got it's name. It also leads out to a romantic balcony with scroll brackets.

Here is a view of the houseboat. Check out the decks!

The Blue Mermaid Houseboat is 50LI and sits on a 18x13 base.
It is copy, no mod, no transfer and partial mesh. It is unfurnished.

The Blue Mermaid Houseboat is now available for 199L at my in-world store and the Marketplace. Please see the demo of the house at my in-world store.