Monday, September 2, 2013

Lazy day at the Candy Store with my sister

A while back, my avatars used to be blondes and that is no accident. Although I am usually aware what is happening around me, I can be clueless sometimes. Like I had no idea that when I syndicate, my blogs would automatically be posted on the feeds. I thought I had to post each blogpost every time and I can pick and choose which post not to send out because I don't want to send out a post that has too much personal rants in it or that other blog of mine which is really just a database for the stuffs I'm selling on Marketplace.

Oh well. There is a local saying: The rice has become porridge.
You know you can't turn porridge into rice again so what's done is done. And porridge is not bad.

I didn't get to shop much in-world today, but I did go to TDR Fusion and Carter got a new skin from Essence. So today's style is rummaged from the girls' inventories. I always think of Moon and Carter as sisters and while I'm dressing them up, I would imagine the things they would be doing. I don't have a sister in real life. There was just me and my brother. But I have 2 daughters and it gives me the greatest pleasure to see them both loving and supporting each other even though they are both as different as cheese and chalk!

on Carter:
skin: Essences ~ CHO TDRF 03 ~ lait (latest TDRF)
hair: ::Exile:: Arihana: Extreme
top: coldLogic top - jett.TFUH gift
shorts: **Berries Inc.  shorts opening freebie

on Moon:
skin: Essences - Whisper *Brown Sugar*
hair: [e] Looking - Essentials Collection
jacket: Emery - Mesh Denim Jacket Hollywood Light Wash
necklace: MG - Necklace - Summer LadyBird - White
top: *TuttiFrutti* Peacock Basic Tank Top - Crimson
skirt: Mimikri - Toni Mini Skirt denim / TDR Fusion